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Video - Neutral Spine in Exercise

“It only takes a look around at people on their mobile phones to see that heads not heading in a great direction.”

Is It Posture Or Position?

We should (try to) maintain a neutral spine in most things we do which should help in maintaining a good posture and ensure the position of the various body parts involved in maintaining a good posture are in the right place when we walk, sit or exercise.  We can also think of the whole body being in different positions, lying, sitting, kneeling and in each of those positions we should be able to maintain a good posture with all parts of the body in the right position maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, shoulders back and down and with the pelvis level and not tilted.

For example, you could have a head forward posture where the head is out of position.  This may have an influence on the downward chain, but not necessarily; the head could be forward and the rest of the spine in alignment.  It still isn't great though.

It only takes a look around at people on their mobile phones to see that heads not heading in a great direction, this then starts to creep into the cervical and thoracic spine and the brain will make adaptations to make this easier and easier but a road that will inevitably lead to neck and back problems in years to come as back muscles get lengthened and weaker and chest muscles shorter and weaker.  The physiotherapists and chiropractors must be rubbing their hands with glee with all the back problems people will rush to them with! 

This video shows to approach thinking about posture in different positions and a simple broomstick can work wonders to get the brain to tap into what is right, which could, initially, feel ever so wrong

Why wait for something bad to happen when we can all take small steps to tune into our bodies and start making minor adjustments.

I hope you enjoy the video.

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