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Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory.

Ed Viesturs


My Mountain

Nature is both beautiful and, can be, unforgiving.  When I was at the worse point with my back, I could not put socks on or tie my shoelaces!  I certainly wouldn’t have entertained the thought of stapping a heavy load to my back and deciding to walk over rough terrain to reach peaks and sleep out overnight on a foam mat!  That was my mountain.


I am currently training to become a Mountain Leader.  Re-learning things I learnt in the Scouts many moons ago, maintaining my physical fitness and quality of movement and overcoming my fears; yep petrified of heights, or somewhat scared of falling!  The ultimate achievement, therefore, is the perfect unity of both mind and body.


When I qualify to share the majesty of the mountains with groups will be a fantastic experience, a shared experience.  If I am lucky enough to be joined by Movement clients that were once in pain, I believe that experience will be hard to match.  Also, the mountains offer challenge, wild nature and freedom of the body and mind.



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