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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi


My Mind

Where to start?!  After leaving my city career of 20 years and then deciding to leave my marriage; the void turned out to be a profoundly revealing place to be.  Being alone, by myself and, at times, feeling desperately lonely made me realise I had lost myself, at least my true self.

My Turning Point

I had read the original F**k it book – The Ultimate Spiritual Way – a few years before the two big decisions and at my lowest while in the void decided I needed to take action.  That action was to attend a F**k it retreat.  It was the proverbial lifting the lid, and once done, I couldn’t put the top back on!

My Journey

It propelled me to discover more about my true self, and embody the quote above.  I have found understanding my fears, worries, stress, and self has helped me to develop mental agility I did not previously possess.  As such, I am training in developmental trauma counselling.

Quote mark

Andrew instantly puts you at ease, by taking the time to really to get to know you and how you live, understand your goals and finding out your existing training patterns. CH

Andrew is very intuitive and adaptable when it comes to programming his sessions and truly understands how our bodies respond to daily stresses and training. His technique has seen great improvement in myself, especially with my injuries and my confidence in training in general.

My 16-year-old boy had developed very poor posture with very rounded shoulders, so I asked for help to specifically address this over the Summer - my reluctant teens' posture is already so much better after just 4 sessions, Andrew was extremely patient and kind, yet very professional and motivated my son to continue the tailored exercises daily which have had a huge positive impact. I would highly recommend. KM

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