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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Mahatma Gandhi


My Mind

Where to start?!  After leaving my city career of 20 years and then deciding to leave my marriage; the void turned out to be a profoundly revealing place to be.  Being alone, by myself and, at times, feeling desperately lonely made me realise I had lost myself, at least my true self.

My Turning Point

I had read the original F**k it book – The Ultimate Spiritual Way – a few years before the two big decisions and at my lowest while in the void decided I needed to take action.  That action was to attend a F**k it retreat.  It was the proverbial lifting the lid, and once done, I couldn’t put the top back on!

My Journey

It propelled me to discover more about my true self, and embody the quote above.  I have found understanding my fears, worries, stress, and self has helped me to develop mental agility I did not previously possess.  As such, I am training in developmental trauma counselling.

Quote mark

The recent years of training have led to injuries for which I have been suffering with for some time which equally was leading to bad movement habits, and found that I wanted to shift a little focus on more specific technique and movement, which is why I was drawn to Andrew. To relearn technique and to be more conscious of how I moved for day to day benefit and also to improve movement during training with injury prevention in mind.

I started seeing Andrew due to experiencing lower back pain. After just a handful of sessions, I am already feeling the benefit of his experience. He has been most informative and has a wealth of knowledge. I feel both my fitness levels and mobility have improved. Along with the sessions, he put a plan in place to enable me to carry out regular exercise away from the sessions to ensure my mobility continues to improve.

Andrew is an excellent personal trainer with a strong focus on technique. He takes the time to get to you know and make you feel at ease. Andrew tailors each session to help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend Andrew as a PT, especially for anyone who has a particular sporting love that they want to support with balanced and thoughtful training sessions.

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